Thursday, 12 January 2012


An effort
to move away
the noises,
the hustle-bustle,
to listen to the
inner whistle,
the voices
that rise,
deep inside,
from the stillness.
Where emotions abound,
keep battling around.

Constant effort ,
to calm,
the sea of emotions
where waves rise and fall
and rise again
growing strong
increasing the pain,
At times washing away,
the small creations
the sand-castle of dreams,
leaving behind no trace
the agony don't show on face. 

Reluctant effort,
to move away
from the relationships
that don't last.
From the promises
some broken some kept.
to move away from
 the shadows of past .

 An effort
to let go,
the fear,
wishes ,
that didn't come true,
dreams that lost their hue.
to pause,
 to reflect,
to be free from bondage.
to be.with "self".
An effort,
to to walk down the path.
destination unknown.
to reach there all alone.



  1. I loved the line a reluctant effort....
    Tats bloody true.

  2. so much EFFORTS :)
    i ain't know effort has got this much classification !
    well observed :)

  3. Nice work. The longest journey is the one inwards, the one that takes us from where we are to where we have always been, when we begin to see what we have always been looking at, and it all starts with a single step. Keep writing, my friend. I do not have enough Hindi to appreciate your Hindi writing but what I have read till now here is very genuine and encouraging. Wish you and your readers a wonderful festive weekend.

  4. thnx 4 ur nice encouraging wrds @Subhorup

  5. ya my case its always reluctant effort@Priya
    many more "efforts" nt mentioned here@Deepak

  6. loved ur inwardness...
    thumb up for ur ability to get along wid words so nicely..:)
    keep it up.