Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Nature's Cry..

Nature's cry...

One day I heard some voices calling,
I went out and found Nature weeping.
Slowly I went to her,in a low voice I asked,
"Why You Look so gloomy? Who made you sad?"

In a deep and gentle voice she replied,
"The one who has hurt me is you my child".
But still I love you ,the way I used to.
As you are part of ME and I am in YOU.

 So many years,  I cared for you,
How delicately I nurtured you.
So many gifts I bestowed upon You.
Don't you know how much I love you?

Morning sun to brighten your life,,
Cool nights to give rest to your eyes.
Flowers to spread the fragrance,
Beautiful sights for you to have a glance.

Don't you love me the way I do?
You are a part of ME and I am in You.

But now you don't find time for me.
No more my beauty is for you to see.
In your own made world now you find relief,
Your ignorance has gave me such grief.

You don't seem to care, But I still do,
As you are a part of ME , I am in YOU.

My soul cries, I silently I weep,
You gave me wounds so deep.
You polluted my air,melted the snow,
damaged green fields, hindered my rivers flow.

 You cut down so many trees for your need,
It is your greed that I am unable to keep.
I used to have more than enough for your need,
 Now even  all my child, I am unable to feed.

  When you come to me, still I smile at you,
As you are part of ME and I am in YOU.

You gave me so many brutal bruises,
Everywhere the blood from me oozes.
But why you act as if you don't know,
You have been so selfish,  your acts so low.

You don't seem to care ,but still I do,
As you are part of ME and I am in YOU.



Sunday, 28 August 2011

With you.......

With You....

Source :Google Images

With you.....
I forget all my pain and sorrow,
      No regrets, no worries of tomorrow. 

With you….
All my Emotions are set free,
Like leaves falling down the tree.

With you.....
In  me, the lost child I found,
Who jumps and carelessly plays around.

With you...
I find the world by my side,
My feelings on a joyous ride.

With you......
Dreams soar high with eagle’s wings,
I start to admire even minute things.

With you....
The whole world appears new,
Grass more green ,sky more blue.

With you.....
I hear my inner voice,
My soul dancing in rejoice.

With you.....
Life gets a new meaning,
Feels like its worth living.

With you.....
The unforgettable moments spent, though few,
Brightens me up, like sunrays falling on drops of dew.

With you, I feel free,
With you, I am ME.


Saturday, 27 August 2011

Tere saath

   तेरे साथ...........

कुछ  नगमे   हैं,
दिल  ने  कहा ,उन्हें 
तेरे  साथ  गुनगुना  लूँ  ......... 

कुछ सपने  हैं, 
दिल ने कहा, उन्हें
तेरी  आँखों से  देख  लूँ.........

कुछ मीठी  यादें  हैं, 
दिल ने कहा, उन्हें
 तेरे साथ  मुस्कुरालूँ .......

कुछ गुदगुदाते  किस्से  हैं ,
दिल ने कहा, उनपे
तेरे साथ   ठहाके  लगालूँ  ........

कुछ वक़्त की कमी-सी हैं,
दिल ने कहा ,कुछ पल  
तो   तेरे साथ बीता  लूँ..........

इन  साँसों  का  भरोसा  नही , कब  टूट  जाएँ ,
सोचां तेरे धडकनों   में  ही  मैं   जी  लूँ  .......


“Love is in the air”,Ooops! …not the right time to quote it.......... that is to be said sometime around February...Hmmm...“Anna is in the air “this is the right one or rather "Anna is on air "He is just everywhere.  He has found a place in every magazine and he is in the talks of every household .He has made a mark on "Netizens", he has been a hot topic for many bloggers. You can easily find him on facebook. Many status, events, notes, questions dedicated to him. He is also on twitter. Someone tweeted "I miss the times when I typed Anna and Google suggested kournikova",that very well explains  how much this man has influenced the internet. 

And not to forget our news channels . They are running 24 hour programs on him,another peepli live ..hmmm ..indeed he is very important and raised an important issue .He has 
stirred the nation so here he is in my blog too..he.he

Now by now you would be thinking  what rubbish I am talking and there is no relation between the tiltle of the post and the post. So here I go.
"Errors like straws, upon the surface flow ,
one who is in search of truth , must dive below".
 This is the mantra that our news channels  follow, they do everything to bring news to us , and they put so much effort go so deep to find out the truth and bring the " TRUTH " with every minor details. They did this time too.....
Yesterday when I was doing something on PC and my father was watching a program keenly. I heard a few words and  one of them was "Anna", I thought there was something important and yes  it was ......The program was “Anna desh and sitaare “ on Tez channel a unit of Aajtak  indeed very Tez...
Apart from the anchor, there were two  other gentle men on the show and they were discussing a gr888888888888888 issue ......ya bringing out the details of Anna ,his hands his finger ..everything....One of the gentleman,our  astro unlce  who  knows everything about anyone. So both of them were throwing some light on their subject "Anna" .One of them said” unki tarjani ungali ekdum seedhi hain isliye wo bahut dridh nichayee hain ..unki kanishak ungali ..bla bla ("his  index finger is straight so he is determined person and his little finger...) .Really what an observation!!!!!!!!! Then came the turn of other one.
The other gentle man.. sorry I forgot this great man's name ..but anyways  .. he said “inke pancham bhaav me mangal baithae hain isliye  inki jeet hogi........) .They continued with their acute observations.The program ended in half an hour, they dedicated half an hour to bring these details.gr8 na!!!!Almost all the channels are flooded with programs related to horoscope, and the way they are presented, they should be called HORROR-O-S-COPE...indeed very difficult to cope up with these horrifying programs. So many times these type of programs on news channels have been ridiculed  but I know our channels our firm ,they wont change they would continue to air these.They will continue to work hard or even harder to make us aware of each and everything that they feel we ought to know.

Courtesy:Google Images n Photoshop

Dis- CLAIMER: Read this post on your own risk ,there are chances that you would find it nonsense ,boring.This post is not at all fictitious ,and any resemblances to any person living or dead is not at all incidental.he.he 

Friday, 26 August 2011

Raatri(A silent but not so silent night.........)


Shaant ..par utni shaant v nhi ..
Khud me samete anant kshan,
Kuch maun kuch shor,
Dheere dheere wo ja rhi,
Bhor ki or.
Shaant sarakti raat me.....                                                         

maa ki god me ....
mehsus krte., 
swapn lok me khoye,
hain masoom se sar.
din bhar ki bhaag daud k baad ,
nind me beshudh hain
kuch pade hue apne,
narm mulayam bistar par
kuch aankhein gadaaye, hain panno par
jinme ankit hain kuch kale akshar
jo ab bas padhne k liye hain,
vicharo ki jaagriti k liye nhi.
wo hain bas aankho ko thakaan de
use nidra k hawale krne k liye..

raatri k soonepan me.......
apne zingagi k soonepan ko
door krne ki koshish me
ek masheen  k aaage baithe
kucch khat-khat awwaz me,
likhte hue
door ,kahin ek
duniya k
kuch andekhe kuch jaane-anjaano se,
log apni vicharo ki abhivyati krte,
or  khud me hi khush hote..

chup chaap simatee raatri me.........
kuch baithe hain,
din bhar ka lekha-jokha krne,
lage hain kai ab
apne aatm-vishleshan me.
kahin  vichaar chup chaap,
daayari me jagah paate hue
dwand , kuch prem ras liye
sabhi kuch anksharo me samete hue
veeleen ho rhe raatri me
jo ja rhi ek nayi bhor ki or

andheri kaali is raatri me....

lipapoti se chamakte hue..
kuch chere..
jo thirak rhe kisi dhun par..
befikr ho nashe me chur
kuch bhatakte kadam jameen par
sab samete..
 chali raatri bhor ki or

is madhya raatri me....

Tang ,sunsaan galiyon me
Sannate me kuch aahat hain
Kuch saaye h un andhero me
jo lage hain kaya or maya k len- den me

in sabse door........
ek band kamre me
ek soyi hui...
jaagti aakriti
jiske mann me uth rhe kuch vichaar
khud k astitva
pe prashn chinha lagakr
tabdil hote kuch siskiyon me..
wo sisikiyan jinhe
 koi v nhi sunta..
unhe v sath le,
aisi aur anek kahaniyaan,
apne aanchal me sama kar
chup chaap sarak rhi raat  
bhor ki or

raatri ...........
shaant...... par utni v shaant nhi..
chali bhor ki or

Thursday, 25 August 2011


Kahin  sehron ki uchi imaraton me
Thandi hawa me sukun talaashti ,ek zindagi

kahin kacharon k dher me basar karti ,

Chitharon me lapti hui , kuch dhundti, ek zindagi.                   

Ek vyast , khud me madmast zindagi,         
Sukh suvidhaon me v trast  zindagi

Aur dusri taraf duniya se apekshit,
nirash ,dard me v maun zindagi.

Kahin hothon pe jhoothi muskaan sajaaye ,
aalishan mehlon me v tanha si ek zindagi.

kahin khule badan ,sard garm hawaon  me,
ek niwala dhundti  zameen pe padi ek zindagi.

 kitna antar hain dono me,
ek duadti ,bhagti...
bahut kuch paakar v asantusht zindagi.

aur ek taraf  kuch batorti ,sanjoti,
 abhaav me , atript zindagi..

dono hi magar zindagi se haare ..

 bheed me apni  pehchaan bnane k hod me lagi  ek zindagi.
or ek swayam k astitva se hi anjaan,aparichit ek zindagi.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Kuch Shabd.......

Kuch Shabd………..

Kuch shabd…
Jaise saagar k god me uth rhe anant tarang,
Jaise dil k kisi kone  me pal rhe hazaaro umang..                                                                              

Kuch shabd…
Jaise tapti hui dhup me dharti ki pyaas,
Jaise man me kisi apne se milne ki aas.

Kuch shabd…
Jaise bagiyon me khilte phoolo ki mehak
Jaise subah ki lalima or chidiyon ki chehak..

Kuch shabd…
Jaise raatri k sannate ko todti ek aahat.
Jaise dard se keharte ko mile jab raahat

Kuch shabd…
Jaise pehli baarish k baad mitti ki sugandh,
Jaise ek pyari si kavita k kuch anmol chhand.

Kuch shabd…
Jaise navjeevan ki gunjati kilkaari
Adbhut ..madhur , komal or pyaari

Wo Kuch shabd…
 Jo aankhon me ek nayi chamak le aaye ,
Siharte adharon pe pyari si muskan de jaaye.

Kuch shabd…
 Jo bikhare the ab tak diary k panno me
jo unkahe ,hain ab tak bas is dil me.....

kehne h tumse wahi kuch shabd......

Tuesday, 23 August 2011


I dont know how many of you are aware of this word "GOOSEFRABA"......but this word was alien to me ..I came across this wierd word yesterday only (i still find it weird)..thanks to my sweet brother Krish who introduced me to this strange member of  our world..I was told that this word helps in getting rid of your anger..and it really made me smile then ..just because it sounded very ODD.
I decided to look for this in google ....Google knows everything ..has an answer to any query of mine.....I found the meaning...
Here is what I found:

1. A soothing sound Eskimo mothers would whisper in order to sooth their young.

2. A word used in the film "Anger Management" by Buddy Rydell in order to keep his patients from becoming irate.
Source:Google Images

I dont whether Goosefraba is really effective in managing anger...but it definitely made me smile...

So If you find this post completely ridiculous ,nonsense ..and  ......just read the following loudly

keep smiling :)

Why Am I Here.......

Why am I here?..or rather the question should be why I am so late?
(source :hard drive of my Pc he.he sorry ..Google Images)

I  planned to enter into the blogging world a long ago , but I was not able to convince my self completely 
with the idea of blogging..a lot of reasons can be given to start a blog ..but I didnt find any of them relevant ...
  • Share your experience: people usually blog to share their experiences but I always found my diary to be the special friend whom I can share anything with ease ..
  • Raise an issue:  This is one thing..that blogging is used for ..commenting on various issues ..that are of too I felt It was enough to discuss on Facebook , forums etc..
  • Promoting oneself: Many people blog in order to promote themselves n their business..I dont own any kind of business..nor I want to promote myself.
  • Sharing your stuff:  I thought fb n twitter was more than enough to share my stuff
After discussing all this ..let me now explain why I am finally here..
  • Enhance creativity: This is some good blog..Bloggging does enhance one's creativity  Comments from as an important feedback.
  • Fun : Last but not the least this is the most important reason why I am enjoy  
I hope that this journey proves a learning and enjoyable one...

*I wanna thank one of my friend Mr. Serius (as I call him) who recently asked me to blog....n finally I entered this world..

Shubh Aarambh

I m not promoting Dairy Milk here...even I had no intention to start my blog with this post .
Actually ,I created my blog yesterday only and wanted to post something on that last night...
but thanks to the SUSHASHAN that prevails in Bihar.(I will take up this matter later)...the
 light went while I my newly born blog was still undergoing some changes.
Same thing happened today ....I was totally irritated ..and I write this .I know 
nobody would find it worth reading..but still ...
To sum up there was no Shubh Aarambh for my blog(may be I should have had  a piece of dairy milk before I started)...........

 I forgot something ..I want to wish Happy Birthday to my very special friend Anjali Jaiswal ..It is eight years since we left school ,and I have not met her since then ..I hope we'll meet someday..
At last
 My dear krishna ji ....I have not forgotten you ..after all you are the supreme..embodiment of love.

Jai sri krishna.!
(this pic is dedicated to all my closed ones)
"I am in every religion as the thread through a string of pearls.
Wherever thou seest extraordinary holiness and extraordinary power raising and purifying humanity,know thou that I am there."Lord Krishna