Sunday, 28 August 2011

With you.......

With You....

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With you.....
I forget all my pain and sorrow,
      No regrets, no worries of tomorrow. 

With you….
All my Emotions are set free,
Like leaves falling down the tree.

With you.....
In  me, the lost child I found,
Who jumps and carelessly plays around.

With you...
I find the world by my side,
My feelings on a joyous ride.

With you......
Dreams soar high with eagle’s wings,
I start to admire even minute things.

With you....
The whole world appears new,
Grass more green ,sky more blue.

With you.....
I hear my inner voice,
My soul dancing in rejoice.

With you.....
Life gets a new meaning,
Feels like its worth living.

With you.....
The unforgettable moments spent, though few,
Brightens me up, like sunrays falling on drops of dew.

With you, I feel free,
With you, I am ME.



  1. It's just a wow :)
    Beautifully written...emotions expressed awesomely

  2. Seriously, it's just wow and the last few lines are awesome:)

  3. :)thnx both of u 4 ur appreciation.......

  4. Thats very touching deeps! lovely :)