Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Nature's Cry..

Nature's cry...

One day I heard some voices calling,
I went out and found Nature weeping.
Slowly I went to her,in a low voice I asked,
"Why You Look so gloomy? Who made you sad?"

In a deep and gentle voice she replied,
"The one who has hurt me is you my child".
But still I love you ,the way I used to.
As you are part of ME and I am in YOU.

 So many years,  I cared for you,
How delicately I nurtured you.
So many gifts I bestowed upon You.
Don't you know how much I love you?

Morning sun to brighten your life,,
Cool nights to give rest to your eyes.
Flowers to spread the fragrance,
Beautiful sights for you to have a glance.

Don't you love me the way I do?
You are a part of ME and I am in You.

But now you don't find time for me.
No more my beauty is for you to see.
In your own made world now you find relief,
Your ignorance has gave me such grief.

You don't seem to care, But I still do,
As you are a part of ME , I am in YOU.

My soul cries, I silently I weep,
You gave me wounds so deep.
You polluted my air,melted the snow,
damaged green fields, hindered my rivers flow.

 You cut down so many trees for your need,
It is your greed that I am unable to keep.
I used to have more than enough for your need,
 Now even  all my child, I am unable to feed.

  When you come to me, still I smile at you,
As you are part of ME and I am in YOU.

You gave me so many brutal bruises,
Everywhere the blood from me oozes.
But why you act as if you don't know,
You have been so selfish,  your acts so low.

You don't seem to care ,but still I do,
As you are part of ME and I am in YOU.




  1. So true. We actually have damaged the nature upto unrecoverable state.

  2. Beautiful expression, the personification is awesome. Lovely, message conveyed so well.

  3. Wow, this is beautiful.
    Very nice usage of personification..
    This is what should be there in EVS textbooks instead of the stuff they put! Very well-written!
    Keep it up. :)

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