Saturday, 27 August 2011


“Love is in the air”,Ooops! …not the right time to quote it.......... that is to be said sometime around February...Hmmm...“Anna is in the air “this is the right one or rather "Anna is on air "He is just everywhere.  He has found a place in every magazine and he is in the talks of every household .He has made a mark on "Netizens", he has been a hot topic for many bloggers. You can easily find him on facebook. Many status, events, notes, questions dedicated to him. He is also on twitter. Someone tweeted "I miss the times when I typed Anna and Google suggested kournikova",that very well explains  how much this man has influenced the internet. 

And not to forget our news channels . They are running 24 hour programs on him,another peepli live ..hmmm ..indeed he is very important and raised an important issue .He has 
stirred the nation so here he is in my blog too..he.he

Now by now you would be thinking  what rubbish I am talking and there is no relation between the tiltle of the post and the post. So here I go.
"Errors like straws, upon the surface flow ,
one who is in search of truth , must dive below".
 This is the mantra that our news channels  follow, they do everything to bring news to us , and they put so much effort go so deep to find out the truth and bring the " TRUTH " with every minor details. They did this time too.....
Yesterday when I was doing something on PC and my father was watching a program keenly. I heard a few words and  one of them was "Anna", I thought there was something important and yes  it was ......The program was “Anna desh and sitaare “ on Tez channel a unit of Aajtak  indeed very Tez...
Apart from the anchor, there were two  other gentle men on the show and they were discussing a gr888888888888888 issue ......ya bringing out the details of Anna ,his hands his finger ..everything....One of the gentleman,our  astro unlce  who  knows everything about anyone. So both of them were throwing some light on their subject "Anna" .One of them said” unki tarjani ungali ekdum seedhi hain isliye wo bahut dridh nichayee hain ..unki kanishak ungali ..bla bla ("his  index finger is straight so he is determined person and his little finger...) .Really what an observation!!!!!!!!! Then came the turn of other one.
The other gentle man.. sorry I forgot this great man's name ..but anyways  .. he said “inke pancham bhaav me mangal baithae hain isliye  inki jeet hogi........) .They continued with their acute observations.The program ended in half an hour, they dedicated half an hour to bring these details.gr8 na!!!!Almost all the channels are flooded with programs related to horoscope, and the way they are presented, they should be called HORROR-O-S-COPE...indeed very difficult to cope up with these horrifying programs. So many times these type of programs on news channels have been ridiculed  but I know our channels our firm ,they wont change they would continue to air these.They will continue to work hard or even harder to make us aware of each and everything that they feel we ought to know.

Courtesy:Google Images n Photoshop

Dis- CLAIMER: Read this post on your own risk ,there are chances that you would find it nonsense ,boring.This post is not at all fictitious ,and any resemblances to any person living or dead is not at all incidental.he.he 

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