Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Why Am I Here.......

Why am I here?..or rather the question should be why I am so late?
(source :hard drive of my Pc he.he sorry ..Google Images)

I  planned to enter into the blogging world a long ago , but I was not able to convince my self completely 
with the idea of blogging..a lot of reasons can be given to start a blog ..but I didnt find any of them relevant ...
  • Share your experience: people usually blog to share their experiences but I always found my diary to be the special friend whom I can share anything with ease ..
  • Raise an issue:  This is one thing..that blogging is used for ..commenting on various issues ..that are of concern....here too I felt It was enough to discuss on Facebook , forums etc..
  • Promoting oneself: Many people blog in order to promote themselves n their business..I dont own any kind of business..nor I want to promote myself.
  • Sharing your stuff:  I thought fb n twitter was more than enough to share my stuff
After discussing all this ..let me now explain why I am finally here..
  • Enhance creativity: This is some good reason...to blog..Bloggging does enhance one's creativity  Comments from people..works as an important feedback.
  • Fun : Last but not the least this is the most important reason why I am here..to enjoy  
I hope that this journey proves a learning and enjoyable one...

*I wanna thank one of my friend Mr. Serius (as I call him) who recently asked me to blog....n finally I entered this world..