Wednesday, 9 November 2011



The waves that rise, would come down,
The great Eagle that was flying high,
Now wriggles in pain ,on the ground.
The end of all is sure to come.

Nothing is here forever.
even the mightiest king ,
may turn into a beggar.
Death will engulf all sooner or later.

Death ,I accept you are great,
But no one in the world ,for you waits.
They know what lies in their fate,
but still ,they die each day in fear of death.

Why you create such a fear,
In minds of people each day?
Thinking you are near.
scared to live life to fullest
 in their own way .

One day you will loose,you wont be a threat
when a valiant  heart you will meet,
It  wont fear you ,shall cheerfully greet
Then I 'll say death you are not  great.



  1. Death .... you are great,
    But no one ........waits.

    that was a nice irony there

    death poems are usually depressing because of the very nature of the subject but this wasn't so

  2. ya. Its only our fear that makes death great ...

  3. It makes you overcome the fear. No doubt we all fear death, not for our own but of those close to our hearts. Great expression, I like the way you played with words fear in contrast!

  4. A good post on a topic that we seldom touch. Poignant! Keep writing... :)

  5. Simply superb :) Good one !

  6. A very well-written poem....wonderful! Keep up this amazing work! Keep Blogging