Monday, 7 November 2011



Why is that I care for you,
a special bond between me and you,
From childhood to present ,
Day by day together we grew.

When I was small I didn't care,
 I messed Up with my curly hair,
Oiling and nourishing  it ,
was all my mother's affair.

As I grew up, I realized.
In you my beauty lies.
To your needs ,I was unaware
 You do need special care.

You are my part,
Through you I express,
Moments of happiness,
or when I am in stress.

At times a gentle tuck of Hair,
to show someone that I care.
when there are emotions to show,
I unlock them , let them flow.

It  falls down like a cascade,
without a single word being said,
All my feelings are conveyed.
When naughty , with those curls I played.

Love is a two way street ,
With love and care ,shall you I treat .
So that my hair loves me back,
I 'll nourish it to grow it more long and black.

Source: Google images


P.S:  Written for the Dove Blogger contest :"Love is a two way street, love your hair , and it will love you back."


  1. Very nice Poem :).
    i really like the creativity u made in this post..My good wishes for u.
    Hoping u will promote this post "The Girl i loved"
    All d best for the Contest..:)

  2. thnx @seema
    I 'll read ur post @gaming garage

  3. This is so lovely Deepika especially the last paragraph...Beautifully weaved...:)

  4. lovely that too considering this is your entry for a contest

  5. Lovely poem! God bless your hair :)
    good luck for the contest.