Monday, 31 October 2011



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It felt like a long painful wait,
Finally the day came,though very late.
A tough fight between me and my fate.
It was almost six months ,that we met.

So many nights were sleepless,
Without you , I was so restless.
Though I was living, but as if lifeless.
Everything looked to me meaningless.

We used to talk a lot .
Even when we were far apart,
But when my eyes met yours,
I was unable word my thought.

Speechless I was,Silence made its way ,
Only did the hearts commune.
felt like a river shimmering ,
by the silver light of moon.

I was lost in your eye's radiance,
brightening up in love's ambiance.
Your kiss, your gentle stare.
filled me with sheer happiness.
loved the way you showed care.

I loved the warmth of your touch
Not in words I could ever.
explain to you ,or show you
That I love you so much.

My love for you is sincere and pure,
It is eternal ,all the tests it will endure.
Like a pearl in lying in a shell.
deep in my heart you dwell.