Thursday, 13 October 2011

A tiny seed

A tiny seed..

My life seemed to be an inexplicable question,
To move ahead,  I needed a source of inspiration.
In search of a solution,I wandered here and there ,
Wished I could find an answer somewhere.

Lying on the grass ,in a deep thinking.
Suddenly I noticed a tiny thing.
That was the answer to all my need,
It was nothing but just a tiny seed.

A tiny seed,which was slightly brown,
At first it looked me dormant .
Same as my life ,As if nothing is going on 
No motion , life was stagnant.

When closely observed ,I found.
 That I was completely wrong .
There was a lot going inside ,
It was taking in water from outside.

Slowly ,it managed to break its coat,
Soon a small white root came out ,
which went down in the ground.
Now It was beginning to sprout.

Same thing I needed to do in my life,
Come out from the prison of my thoughts,
Imbibing  all the good from outside,
A small push from within ,to break the doubts.

Looking up at sky ,grow day by day,
But feet should be firmly on ground.
That is what the tiny seed showed me ,
To struggle ,never give-up ,and pave my own way.

Source:Google Images