Sunday, 16 October 2011



Small dark eyes,
looking from a distance,
at the the grand entrance,
of the great hall,which was
bathed in different lights.

Many well-dressed men ,
greeting each other,
he felt a little awkward , 
he was in rags,but soon he 
he saw something , 
that made him feel better.

His eyes brightened up
gazing upon delicious food,
 It was quite a long time ,
That on his face ,
there was a smile.
Today is his day , 
for a moment he thought .
he took a step ahead ,
but then he paused.

Looked here and there,
He was a little scared
what if anybody notices him here,
crouching on his knees,
he crawled in quietly.
As his hunger  overtook his fear.

He entered ,soon he was admist,
Affluent  men having delicious food ,
Some taking in more than they could.
He went to a corner where dishes were kept.
He was happy ,thought this day was his best.

Some how he managed to get something ,
and was about to take a bite ,
he felt a hand hold his back.
his face turned white.

Soon , there was a crowd ,
all shouting out loud,
"who let this jerk in?
throw him out"

He pleaded in front of them ,
urged them all ,
but nobody cared,and 
listened to his call.
They slapped him , 
they were very brutal.

He was thrown outside
on the ground he sobbed.
but after few minutes,
he stood up and wiped  his eyes.

He accepted his fate ,
for morning he needed to wait.
When these men would dump ,
What for them would be  waste,
At least he would get ,a little
 of those delicious food to taste.

Source :Google images


P.s :  Written For "Blog action day 2011 :"food"