Saturday, 15 October 2011

My dear bro.

My dear bro.....

We are not born to same mother,
though not related by blood,
A relationship sweeter any other
He is my dear  little brother.

Two years back ,
he was a stranger,
but now we  both share ,
A very special bond,
 of affection and care.

We have shared  pain and smile,
We do fight with each other,         
 Even that made the bond stronger,
Moments I'll cherish forever.

He says ,at times I'm stress for him,
Other times a stress buster,
But whenever I was down and  cried,
He turned my tears into laughter.

I want this relationship to last forever,
Love and care to grow deeper and deeper.
I want to make a small wish ,
May his life be always a bliss.
He is my dear bro "krish"


P.s: Dedicated to my sweet brother and a great friend "krish " ."Happy Birthday "


  1. Happy b'day to ur brother deeps. Plz convey my wishes :)

  2. thank u so much honey...
    its nice... (its disaster as u tried to ryhme the ending words)
    Wow!!! How do u write these kinda stuff ???
    Amazing...(enogh?? or some more?? )

    Apart from ur poem coming to the feelings... i love u sister... u r an inspiration... (Dont laugh!!! I mean it.)

  3. u too dear @krish

  4. wow that was sweet!
    Belated wishes to your bro