Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Can that stop me from loving you?

I  know you wont be mine,  
Its only in my dreams ,that 
with you I can dine
 Should that stop me from thinking about you?
Can that stop me from dreaming about you?

I know you are not near ,
not today ,nor in days to come,
to stand beside me when in fear ,
or to wipe my tear,
Should that stop my eyes from closing for you in prayer?
Can that stop me from loving you?

I know you wont be there,
to listen to my foolish talk,
even my cry you wont hear
but your memories ,still I hold so dear.
Should that stop my ears wishing to hear your voice,
But do have I another choice?

Distance may keep us apart,
but from my memories,my thoughts , 
you'll never depart,
You are and will  always be ,
a nondetachable part, 
of my soul.,be in my heart.
Nothing can stop me from loving you.

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  1. deeps, that was really deep and very touching. good work.

  2. Sigh! Love is so unconditional...Lovely expression dear:)

  3. perfect as like me d,i mean it's 1 of d bst d, i do'nt nderstnd 1 thing dat, ye kiske liye h,jo ye padh rha h ya phir 4 sum1 else.....!! .leave it,av tak mai jitna pdha hu wo sab mai se ye bst h medi trah,if u think so....... .keep it up d 4ever..:):):p -u'r stupid bro ''RISHAV RISH'':(