Friday, 23 December 2011



Its always there,inside you,
creates hindrance in whatever you do.
sitting quietly,but always ready to attack
by its sudden moves, you will be taken aback,

Just before the moments of success,
It will take over your mind,make it restless
It weakens your will,makes you clueless,
What is happening , even you wont be able to guess. 

It makes you suffer ,go through the pain
makes you feel all your efforts are in vain.
It will never let you be at ease,
makes your goal look farther than it is.

what and whom you hold so dear,
What if they are not near,
In our mind it raises such doubts,
It always plays with our thoughts.

Few words of encouragement and praise,
Weaken it, it may subside down,
but don't think it has gone .
It can be back in just few days.

In your heart, never let it grow,
or slowly it will make you hollow.
Soon it will be a giant.
Fear will rule you like a tyrant.


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