Saturday, 24 December 2011



From among the smoke and fog,
suddenly a figure emerged,
dressed in red and white clothes,
with a red cap and a long beard.

His eyes were dazzled,
his mind puzzled.
Is really Santa standing before him?
at once  something broke his dream.

He rubbed his eyes ,
looked here and there,
but Santa was nowhere.
yet another dream,he was quick to realize

Few drops  of water from among the leaves,
that trickled down on his cheeks,
brought him back from land of dreams
made him feel "life is harder than it seems",

He had to hunt for a new job,
for last night  was not as he thought,
he was scolded for being late,
and was then thrown out
but he never bowed down to his fate.

His dream made him happy today,
Thought something special is coming his way
even the land of snow was looking bright,
he finally got a work ,to his delight.

He had to stand all day long,
from dusk to dawn,
to greet everyone ,give them gifts,
and sing the Christmas song .

Dressed like the man in his dreams,
he was much delighted,
for never he had thought,
what to him life had brought.

Whole day he made people smile,
He couldn't rest for a while,
though he was in much pain
for last night he had slept in open again.

He was happy with what he got in the end,
sweets, money enough to celebrate the year end
When he was about to go ,
a small child came, stretching his hand

He paused and for a moment he thought,
not to give him what he had got,
but then he shared whatever he had.
For sharing and loving is what his mother taught .

Today he was fully satisfied,
He learned what is celebration all about.
Christmas is for spreading love he realized.
He was now happier than he had thought.


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