Thursday, 22 September 2011

Human and Nature

Source:Google images

Its only few days back,
We were all taken aback,
by nature's sudden attack.

A sudden tremble,
a few seconds shake,
left thousands hurt.
Many were dead.

Dust and debris all around.
many still crying for help,
struggling lives beneath the ground.

We blame Nature for being cruel
for being so turbulent,
But what about humans.
Still so apathetic and ignorant.

Nature caused destruction,
it was massive but ,was brief .
What about humans ever growing greed.
for centuries ,it has been the reasons for grief.

We call our ancestors nomadic
But we have been more barbaric.
We say we have evolved through years
But still indifferent to someone's tears.

Innocent lives lost in war.
Causing much bloodshed.
Just for money and power.

More lethal weapons are being made,
Millions and millions of lives they can take
Seems, we didn't  learn from our mistake.

Even tsunami or the quake,
Is  unable to shake ,
Sleeping soul of humans,
As if they are dead.

Will the icy-heart of humans ever melt?
Wrapped in sheet of money and greed .
Where feelings of care has frozen.
Will this sleep  ever be broken?



  1. Nature balances itself,heals itself,glitters itself but what about man?

    Kudos to a well written poem from a humble soul.....keep writing and all the best

  2. Nice poem. Fortunately the nature does not takes all these counter steps as a revenge with humans, I think its more mindful and big hearted than we its child can ever be.

  3. how touching! brings out your emotions! neat indeed