Friday, 23 September 2011


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Ignorant to cries of the poor,
Ear plugged with some headset,
Their call, he is unable to hear.
Unsteady steps with cans of beer.

They call it style and attitude,
to be apathetic,being so rude.
They took pride in being uncouth
This is what defines today's youth.

Myspace, Orkut, Facebook and twitter,
For them only these are what matters,
For virtual world, they have plenty of time.
For boasting idealism and exchanging fake smile.

Turning away their faces when ,
They come across a body in rags,
But they would certainly find time
To comment and thanks on Facebook tags.

Whenever something in the world goes wrong
They do feel pity and to show their  concern ,
They would write in their status update.
To the poor ,to dead they would dedicate.

Among today's modern men ,this is growing trend.
To make numerous Facebook and twitter friends.
With them they would spend hours chatting 
It doesn't  matter if the relationship soon ends.

"Life Moves On" Is what they'll say.
Why waste even a single day,
Those relations were not meant to stay.
They would easily find a new way.

They have made their own rules which they follow,
Wrapped in costly silk, but relationships are hollow.
What bothers them  is change in Facebook or twitter
Not When one dies of hunger, his body unattended, in tatters.

Amidst  all this blare and glare,
A soft heart is lost somewhere,
Which is not filled false feelings,
But those tender feelings of love and care.


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