Friday, 2 September 2011

Want to be alone......

Want to be alone

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 I know not how all of a sudden,
 I am thinking of actions of past ,
Those which were careless,
Those which can't be undone.

Many questions unanswered,
Many wounds unseen.
I feel so restless,
with conflicts within.

Life again seems so dark ,
Not even a single moment of spark.
I know night will give way to light
Everything will again be bright.

Every now and then I am told to hold on,
But I am tired , pretending to be very strong.
Don't try and force me to fake a smile.
I want to be with my tears for a while

I know in its own ways life will deal,
With the passing time, all wounds heal .
I know you care ,but don't bother for me,
Let me spend some time only with me.

I  know not if it's right or wrong ,
All I want is to be all alone,
With my thoughts , let me be,
I want to spare some time for me.



  1. I can't express how much I admire this poem. Today I want to be alone with no one around. Expression is beautiful...

  2. Be alone.. but not lonely.. that kills!!

    Nice poem..! Forgive this intruder..! :)

  3. well written......explained the emotions very brilliantly!

  4. wow wow great..................
    kitna help karna padta hai..............

  5. A perfect break-up poem! And I really love the paragraph a lot..It's really strange when someone else's words describe how one feels at the moment!..

  6. I think most of us go through these phase of life...thnx 4 admiring d poem.@subhodeep