Thursday, 22 September 2011

Rs. 32

Rs. 32 :You are not poor!!

Working so hard for all Indians.
They are on a great mission 
and with their new "definition"
No More plans  needed ,
For poverty eradication.
Indeed a great achievement,
By our Planning commission.

Though they may themselves always in crores deal.
Thousands of rupees for their mobile and electricity bills.
According to them Rs.32 is more than enough.
Though It's not sufficient for even one day's meal.
Not even a single wound would heal.
But that is not what our government feels.
For them even if you have less than half of the price of one litre petrol,
You can celebrate you are rich , As your name is not in the poverty roll.

NO , They are not POOR!!!

Source:Google Images


  1. Interesting post....

    Today Indian government have to tell how a normal person can live in this costly era.....How a person can spent 32 Rs/day when he can't earn 10 Rs/day for family.......

  2. The concept of Rs. 32 is BIZARRE, and TOTALLY LAME. Seriously, are they nuts? Or, are they nuts?

  3. Good is rare to find people writing on social issues !