Sunday, 4 September 2011

A new dawn

A new dawn

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The sea is appearing so calm,
Rising waves have come down.
Turbulent thoughts have gone
After the dark ,Its a new dawn.

Vision is much clearer, no doubts
No more battling with my thoughts.
I have come out from shadows of past,
Peace I craved for ,peace I found at last.

Enough of lamenting, enough of cries and weep..
Why I plunged into the sea of past ,so deep.
Memories should have been buried, not  lived
How foolish and ignorant I was indeed !

Locked in prison of thoughts so long
A little late though ,but now I realize
Let the past be past, don't think of days gone
Break all the shackles , It is the time to rise.

Lots of precious moments wasted
Now its time to wake up
Lot to be done to make-up
To enjoy each moment,Now is the  time.
To live life to fullest,to drink life's wine.



  1. Very sweet motivational optimistic poem....Deeps. Simply loved it..:)

  2. Inspiration in the morning... Thank you for sharing.